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Harbor Sales Company
Since 1957

Our Mission

To provide the best quality, most durable products available at competitive prices using proven innovations in construction, manufacturing, design, and installation with sustainable and safe materials.

Then and Now

We are a third generation family owned company who started out supplying a wide variety of top quality products to a broad range of customers throughout the USA and Canada at very competitive prices over 6 decades ago.  While the consumer may not have heard of us, there is a very good chance we have supplied groundbreaking, value oriented products that they purchased for their home and/or business under one of our customer’s private brands or under exclusive private brands that we developed for a select group of retail partners.  Always responding to market trends, we continue to supply products in this fashion to this day and our mission remains the same.

Industrial-Style Domestic Room Flooring

Instead of just responding to market trends, over the years we gradually evolved into a developer of new innovative products especially in vinyl flooring and began using our own brand name Intelligent Design®  to market some of these top of the line trend setting products.

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